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Taobao haul part II (And probably the last of the year)
Posted On Sunday, July 21, 2013 @ 8:19 PM by Yourname | 0 Comments This Entry
So till date, i have ordered 5 times from taobao, i think i might be addict to online shopping already oh god ): .
But despite the title being "part 2", it's really my 6th order, but this time with my parents & brother haha. I swear i ain't gonna buy anything from taobao for the rest of the year after this, since i pretty much settled all my wishlist and everything i've always wanted (except dresses, taobao sizes runs small. rather buy from physical shops). So far so good, most of the clothes fits and were darn pretty as well!
Basically all i've ever bought on taobao were either harajuku inspired clothing or accessories(not the visual kei or lolita style ok) or random shit i chanced upon haha. Never dared to buy any chiffon or other materials other than cotton (yes, this means i have bought & bought hellllllll a lot of tees) because i'm picky when it comes to other material. Comfort first right?

My last order (which i didn't post any pictures of what i ordered) consisted of killstar knockoffs, basics such as tees, shorts, slippers, and such, and a knockoff MCM bag which i eyed for quite awhile. Didn't expect the quality to be so close to the original at all! All the stuff came and it didn't disappoint me at all, unlike the quality you'd see at blogshops or bugis street, i could get stuff at a much cheaper price, with better quality.

Of course this time i did an intensive research and sourced only the ones with higher ratings and reviews that were positive before buying them, so here we go, the last (I hope) haul (from taobao, lol) of the year!
I guess i'll post a picture of each item when i get them this time haha.

1. Tokidoki Caps (Designs i've chosen not shown.)
2. Ombre/Gradient jeans (Probably high-waisted or mid-waists idk.)
3. Basic black jeans because my current ones suck. 
4. Random candy colored slippers. I chose the ones in red and blue just for fun. (A&F replicas)
5. Forever21 Mega Geek cropped top. 
6. Basic black high-waisted shorts. (I only own jeans colored ones or pastel)
7. EXO Tao WOLF 88 jersey. (Actually bought this the last time but the printing stuck together due to heat i guess and when i peeled them apart......... ): it got destroyed.)
8. B.A.P Himchan tee. (SOOOO CUTE, i'm gonna cut this into a crop, depending on the quality of this.)
9. Stylenanda inspired caged heels. (Almost bought a similar one with a covered toes front, but nah.)
10. Stitch key holder 
11. Zara knockoff blazer in black. (Figured i'd need one in future.)
12. Waxed strings for DIY projects. 
13. Funny G.R.L shirt. 
14. Black creepers. (I bought a size smaller, hope this will fit me better..)
15. Basic sweaters in grey and white for casual days.
16. Tribal socks for my creepers & boots. 
17. LOADS of different colored socks. They were so cheap! I'm thinking i bought all the colors available...(Ankle & a lil higher than ankle)
18. Harajuku street style inspired tattoo necklace.
19. Horoscope necklace in Aries. These were a random buy.
20. Bicycle "Shadow Masters" deck. (Google the deck, these cards are DOPE.)
21. Two random shades i chanced upon.
22. Bart Simpson x Jeremy Scott inspired iphone 5 screen protectors for front&back (since i am changing to an iphone 5 within the next few weeks anyway)
23. Another screen protector. 
24. Guitar Pick necklaces. (I bought every different color available since they were all different! So unique and pretty ~)

Well will post a review & whatever when the package arrives i think in 2-3 weeks? 
As you can see/tell i don't really have an exact style.. I just wear what i like. Which is why people tend to judge me by my appearance i guess. Society in singapore... Seriously... 
For those who are curious, here's a link to harajuku street fashion. http://tokyofashion.com/photos/
Or you can check out lookbook.nu
My recent inspirations are from: 
And that is all.

Taobao shopping loots
Posted On Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 11:35 PM by Yourname | 0 Comments This Entry
So throughout the term break i've been looking for a good taobao agent with a reasonable price and everything and found peeka.sg via the blog i always read http://www.monoxious.com/ and placed some stuffs for ordering. At first it started out as things i always saw online and never had enough money to buy them (wtf, it actually only costs like half or 3/4 of the price you see in blogshops... srsly such a ripoff) and then it ended up to over 30 items in my cart.... Yeah actually i combined two shipments together to one single order because i can't wait for the other order to come slightly later than the first. 
So right now, i'm actually waiting for my parcel to come in around 1-2 weeks, can't wait!
Here are my loots! 
 floral shorts in blue ~
 cropped batman top in grey ~
 floral shorts in white ~

 Reverse dip-dye top in navy~

 Various chrome heart shirts (Yeah i went on a chrome heart spree)

 studded creepers ~
 (Above) Lace pattern shorts in blue & black
Bottom: Pastel High-wait shorts in Mint and Blue

 Above: Ripped shorts
Below: Dip-dye studded shorts in mint

 Above: Tie-dye shorts
Below: Stylenanda inspired shirt

 Givenchy inspired tops
 Maroon leggings
Below: Collar Pins

 Stitch Rocker shirt
Chrome Hearts training pants

 Various beaded bracelets
 "Just Fuck it" Shirt
Various socks.

That marks the end of almost everything i bought lol. can't wait for them to arrive!!! Yay!
Will post a review soon yay